Our Director

John Khammash


John is an accomplished musician, award-winning solo vocalist, vocal coach and musical director. It is his passion to communicate stories through music and help others achieve their best through their musical passion.

John began his musical adventure on Classical Guitar at just eight years of age. Continuing with guitar until the present, he has fulfilled many dreams including performing at the International Guitar Festival and completing Year 12 Solo Performance with full marks and merit (top 2%). His vocal journey began at twelve years of age when he became an inaugural member of the internationally recognized a cappella group; Festival Statesmen Chorus. John is part of a team from this ensemble who work with different vocal ensembles around Australia.

The arts program at Charles Campbell College greatly assisted John’s understanding of dance, drama and music. Receiving lead roles in drama productions and whole school musicals allowed him to work with industry professionals in all of these areas. There, under the guidance of teacher Jonathan Bligh, John and three classmates formed a vocal a cappella quartet, ‘Now in Stereo!’ who went on to perform interstate and overseas, becoming known for their exciting performances.

After high school, John continued his performing arts education at the University of South Australia where he is currently in his final years of completing a Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) majoring in Music and Drama. Excelling in these areas, John received the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Award for Music Performance, Level 2.

John is very excited to be working with the award winning High spirits Harmony. In the coming years, he hopes to continue to build his career in the performing arts, focusing in music. His overall goal is to hold a managerial position with a large performing arts company.

Outside of performing arts, John absolutely loves sport and fitness.


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