High Spirits Harmony (HSH) was formed in February 2014, and officially incorporated on 9 May that year.

HSH was the brainchild of Alice and Angela, who were interested in forming a new women’s a cappella singing group in Adelaide. With other singing friends on board, they found a Music Director, commenced rehearsals, and HSH quickly established itself as a successful, fun loving singing group which continues to this day.

DIRECTOR 2023 - Jun 2024

The wonderful Stephanie Eaton directed HSH for a short but very memorable period from 2023 until Jun 2024, Stephanie is an accomplished choral conductor, musician, clinician, and educator, known for her contributions to the world of music. With a profound passion for choral music and a deep commitment to music education, she is a distinguished figure in the field. 
Stephanie conducts the South Australian Public Primary Schools (SAPPS) Choir, Young Adelaide Voices Community Choir, and the innovative Kodaly SA Educator's Choir. She has an extensive background in conducting and education, including roles with Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Queensland Young Conservatorium, Young Adelaide Voices, and more. 
At Young Adelaide Voices, she serves as the Musicianship tutor and Conductor for various choirs. Stephanie is dedicated to professional development, contributing to senior vocal ensembles and enriching Adelaide's cultural fabric through her performances. 

Her commitment to music education extends to her involvement in Kodaly organizations, where she holds the Australian Kodály Certificate and serves as a lecturer. Stephanie's dedication to advancing Kodaly-inspired practices is reflected in her leadership roles and recognition, such as the 'Outstanding Service to Kodaly SA' award. 


Stephanie is renowned for her ability to create inclusive musical experiences, fostering a deep connection with the transformative power of singing and choral music founded on a Kodály inspired music practice


DIRECTOR 2017-2023

HSH's director from July 2017 until October 2023 was John Khammash who joined the group from the age of 21. John is an accomplished musician, operations manager, award-winning solo vocalist, vocal coach and musical director. John began his musical adventure on Classical Guitar at just eight years of age, and from age twelve became an inaugural member of the internationally award-winning a cappella group The Festival Statemen Chorus. John has been part of several award-winning quartets including 2 x Youth Barbershop Champion Quartets and 1 x Pan Pacific Barbershop Champion Quartet.

John completed a Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) majoring in Music and Drama from the University of South Australia, where he was fortunate to receive the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Art Ltd Prize for Music Performance Excellence - Level 2. He has completed a Master of Management (Arts and Culture) and is sure to make a managerial and leadership impact on the music and performance scene wherever he goes. John left HSH to relocate to Melbourne, Victoria to pursue oppurtunities interstate.

HSH will be forever grateful for John's contribution to HSH. Highlights under John's leadership included a sold out Fringe Performance for HSH in 2022, competing in the 2022 BHA competition in Hobart, and competing in the 2023 Pan Pacific Barbershop Harmony competition where HSH took home the gold medal for Australia in the Women's category.

DIRECTOR 2014-2017

HSH’s inaugural Music Director was Matthew Lykos, who worked with the group from February 2014 through to July 2017. Matt came with a Bachelor of Music (Voice) from the Elder Conservatorium of Music, and vast musical experience, including singing with the multi-award winning quartet, the Fishbowl Boys, and being a member and leader of the dynamic all-male a cappella vocal group, the Festival Statesmen Chorus.

Matthew’s involvement with HSH in its formative years was pivotal to its initial success and growth as a singing group. Matthew has left HSH to explore other musical endeavours, but will always have a strong attachment to this special group of singers.

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